on Word Power

Increase Your Canvas Size of Vocabulary through Memory Techniques for Word Retention and Coining Words and Phrases
Learning new words or building vocabulary is a complex process. There are multiple components of gaining mastery over new words – Exposure, Etymology, Thesaurus, Practice etc. Along with there are number of words and phrases borrowed from different languages and coined by different authors.

So RFI ENGLISH LEARNER’S CLUB presents one day workshop on “WORD POWER”

Date: 08 May 2021

Sub Topics

  1.  Enhance Word Power
  2.  Learn Techniques of Vocabulary
  3. Comprehend Vocabulary
  4. Use words Effortlessly
  5. Daily Basis Vocabulary
  6. Coining Words and Phrases
  7. Memory Techniques for Vocabulary
  • First session on:  Word Formation and Learning Vocabulary
    11:30 am to 12: 20 pm
  • Second Session on: Coined Phrases Flavour the Language
    12:30 am to 1: 20 pm

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