Online International Workshop on-

“Brainstorming – Creative Group Idea Generation Techniques”

Subject Expert- Dr. Sangita Bharuka
(Master Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist, Writer, Professor and Principal-Shri Jain Diwakar Mahavidhyalaya)

Date- 21 May 2020

Time- 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Online Registration Link-

Registration Fees- 100/-

Organized by- Research Foundation of India & World Virtual Conference Forum

Sponsored by- World Federation of Science and Technology (WFST- California), International Research Guide Federation (IRGF), JRF & EduAcademic

Key Learning Objectives-
👉 How to increase group productivity?
👉 Building good teamwork skills
👉 Creative problem solving
👉 Working out of routine and increasing efficiency
👉 Idea Generation Methods
👉 Thinking out of the box

For More Information contact-
(M) +91-9179268381