Third Part Publication and Payment Norms Terms and Condition

The RFI, RFI CARE is a research society that facilitates the organization of conferences and provides access to third-party publications. Authors who intend to publish their work with RFI should be aware of the terms and conditions of third-party publications, including IPR, Refereed Journal UGC Care, and Scopus publication. The third-party is responsible for ensuring that the publication is free of plagiarism and is original. It is important to note that RFI, RFI CARE does not directly involve itself in journal publication.

Any Refund will be initiated after receiving mail from participants with in maximum 30 days of application.

Author or Participants need to verify all links , domain of scopus publication before proceed the paper for pub in conference.

RFI, RFI CARE does not provide journal publication directly. only we proceed paper through the conference only.

Registration fee will be consider in giving contact detail in portal of RFI, RFI CARE only. other  person or apart from these account any payment we will not responsible for it. so please proceed payment for portal giving account numbers or QR Code only.

All paper or author research  RFI CARE consider as under copyright ethics so please first check all author plag and then proceed the research for publication in conference.

Director, RFI CARE