Dr. Neh Srivastava

Dr. Neh Srivastava

National Advisory Board, Research Foundation of India

Beaureaucrat, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India President, Central Secretariat Services Officers Society (CSSOS) Columnist, Writer, Guest speaker, Social Activist Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Invitee, Debater on News Channels

An award-winning bureaucrat, Social entrepreneur and activist leading his way to create opportunities and optimism.

A bureaucratic career including eminent roles, great initiatives, and outstanding outlook are just a few calibers of widely recognized Neh Srivastava. He started his career as a near-novelty, a young mind with a million dreams, delivering disciplined hard work with high professionalism. Within a few years, he had pretty much reinvented the bureaucratic culture to make his footprints in almost all sphere of life. He has an overwhelming presence in Indian bureaucracy, entrepreneurship and the latest being a social activist.

Mr. Neh Srivastava quickly gained popularity in Social circle cause of his social and welfare activities under CSSOS, a Not for Profit Society of Working Govt officers. Being the organization’s President he has a strong vision towards making a million dreams come true. He is a pioneer in providing high-quality affordable housing with green technology amidst of secure and clean living environment for member officers n select professionals through CSSOS’s residential debut venture OFFICERS ENCLAVElaunched in Delhi, which is poised to be developed in other major cities in the Country in times to come. He also has a vision to develop Pan India recreational centres OFFICERS CLUB for members only with WellnessCentres and GENNEX INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL with the unique Learning through Practicals.

His professional portfolio is as vast as one can imagine. He is a trained Commercial and Economic Diplomat, HR Manager, and Financial Advisor. He is also a certified professional in Export Marketing from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. His sincere contribution in Commerce & Textile, Prasar Bharti and Foreign Trades along with his wide and vivid working experience for more than two decades enable him to have deep understanding of Indian demographics. He has been enjoying superior roles and immense contribution to the Government of India in policymaking in the field of public demand, policy formulation, and implementation.

Unfolding his contribution towards the Government of India is as amazing as it sounds. You can have a keen look at the listed profiles below. Neh has already aced it all….