Faculty Development Programme (FDP)
‘NAAC Accreditation Framework: An Overview in respect of New Guidelines”

Start Date- 17 August 2021 End Date- 25 August 2021

Time- 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Description:-The situation of pandemic Covid-19 has drastically changed the environment for the higher education institutions and there is a dire need to address the issues common to interest of education sector. NAAC Accreditation is always a matter of curiosity for everyone. The NAAC has been carrying out the process of quality assessment and accreditation of Higher Education Institutions. AS per UGC guidelines, it is also mandatory for each and every HEI’s to accreditation themselves with NAAC.

The following seven criteria represent the core functions and activities of any HEI and these are the basic parameters to assess them:

  • Day 1- 17 August 2021- Criterion 1-Curricular Aspects
  • Day 2- 18 August 2021- Criterion 2-Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
  • Day 3- 19 August 2021- Criterion 3-Research, Consultancy, and Extension
  • Day 4- 20 August 2021- Criterion 4-Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  • Day 5- 21 August 2021- Criterion 5-Student Support and Progression
  • Day 6- 23 August 2021- Criterion 6-Governance, Leadership, and Management
  • Day 7- 24 August 2021- Criterion 7-Innovations and Best Practices
  • Day 8- 25 August 2021- Technical Session

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