Dr. Gaurav Malhotra
Convenor, Indore Zone,  Research Foundation of India

Professional /Career objective: To be a highly commended educator with total capability in the teaching and mentoring.

Competent professional with over 19 years of experience as management faculty inseveral colleges and Malhotra Tutorials Indore.Motivated by internal standards of excellence to over achieve expectations and exceed all set goals. Experienced in teaching all level of students with new & interactive Methods.Meticulously organized with excellent communication skills and focused.

  • Highly gifted research and teaching aptitude
  • Consistent and outstanding academic records throughout My education.
  • Crystal Clear understanding of the underlying principles of the subjects and its relevancy to other domains.
  • In-depth knowledge of various techniques and approaches applied at a research project.
  • Teaching students in college/university subjects.
  • Instructs students in subject matter, utilizing various methods, such as lecture and demonstration, and using audiovisual aids and other materials to supplement presentations.
  • Prepares or follows teaching outline for course of study assigns lessons, and corrects homework and classroom papers.
  • Administers tests to evaluate students progress, records results, and issues reports to inform students of their progress.
  • Maintains discipline in classroom.