Online International Workshop
“Soft Skills for Students, Teachers, and Employers”

Date- 3rd July 2020 Time- 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Organized by- Research Foundation of India & World Virtual Conference Forum

Expert- Dr. Preeti Koolwal (Motivator and Speaker)
Assistant professor (Eng. lit.) Indore, M.P.

Key Points:

  1. Hard skills vs Soft skills,
  2. Need of the employer,
  3. Importance of soft skills,
  4. Qualities of present generation,
  5. Important soft skills,
  6. Importance of soft skills for teachers/ role of teachers in developing soft skills of students.


Sponsored by- World Federation of Science and Technology (WFST- California),
International Research Guide Federation (IRGF), JRF & EduAcademic

Registration Fees- 100/-

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