Online International Webinar
“Li+ ion batteries: An Emerging Interdisciplinary Area of Research”

Subject Expert- Dr. Anshuman Dalvi (PhD IITK) Professor, Physics-BITS Pillani

Date- 25 June 2020

Time- 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized our lives and used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles. Prof John B Goodenough of the University of Texas at Austin, M Stanley Whittingham of Binghamton University, and Akira Yoshino of Meijo University have received equal shares for Nobel prize in chemistry for the year 2019. This is essential for their contribution to the development of Li+ ion batteries. Development of energy storage devices is now an interdisciplinary field of research, where there is a huge scope for physicists, chemists, and engineers to contribute.will be discussing some fundamentals of Li+ ion batteries and their state of art development. The focus will also be on alternatives/competitors to Li+ ion batteries, Lithium-air batteries for EVs, all-solid-state batteries, and micro/nano batteries.
This lecture will be at a popular level to encourage young minds.

Registration fees-50/-

Organized by- Shri Reva-Gurjar College-Sanawad & Research Foundation of India

Association with- World Virtual Conference Forum

Sponsored by- World Federation of Science and Technology (WFST- California), International Research Guide Federation (IRGF), JRF & EduAcademic

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