Research Foundation of India Present

International online workshop on “Introduction to Machine learning” (IWIML-2020)

Subject Expert- Mr. Himanshu Jain
(Project Manager at- Infosys PUNE & Specialized Master Trainer)

Date- 6 June 2020

Time- 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

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Registration Fees- 100/-

Organized by- Research Foundation of India & World Virtual Conference Forum

Sponsored by- World Federation of Science and Technology (WFST- California), International Research Guide Federation (IRGF), JRF & EduAcademic

Key points for lecture are-👇

👉Introduction to Machine learning,

👉Introduction to Machine learning,

👉Type of Machine learning,

👉Introduction to Deep learning

👉Career opportunities in Machine learning,

👉Real time example of Machine learning application.

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