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Online Workshop on-Mind Management

*Date- 02 May 2020

Time- 5:00PM To 6:30 PM

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Expert- Dr. Chetan Raikwar (India’s topmost career coach & motivational speaker)

Organized By- Research Foundation of India

Sponsored By- World Federation of Science & Technology, International Research Guide Federation

A Session for Personal & Professional Greatness!!!

👉 Set Goals and Achieve
👉Develop Success Routine
👉Get Clarity and Growth in Career
👉Learn the basics of Law of Attraction
👉Learn the basic NLP techniques
👉 Power Yoga & Meditation
👉 Improve Success Quotient
👉 Mind Programming

Benefits of the Session

Get Success Mantras for life | Clear Vision | Right Habit Formation | Enhance Confidence, | Right Attitude | Time Management | Stress Elimination | More Peace & Joy, Financial Freedom | Increase in Happiness Index along with growth in Satisfaction Index.

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