12 June (IWWSBSA-2020)

Research Foundation of India Presents- Online International Workshop On “Women: Self Belief-Self Assured” (IWWSBSA-2020) (स्वयम सिद्धा- स्वयम प्रसन्ना)

Date- 12/06/2020 Time- 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Key Points:-
  • Importance of Spirituality for women
  • How to cope with stress burn out in any situation?
  • Overcome from challenges on every step.
  • Techniques of Self Relaxation.
  • Self existence and happiness.
  • Tips to rejuvenate ownself.
  1. Dr. Sr. Alice Thomas, Principal, St. Paul Institute of Professional Studies-Indore
  2. Dr. Monica Mastrantonio Professor in Psychology over 30 years, International Trainer and Course Developer – USA
  3. Dr. Sangeeta Baruka Principal, Jain Diwakar College-Indore

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